Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lots To Do Today, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           We are about to kick off to my sister's home in Pennsylvania!  So, that means I will not be on here, for awhile.  So, that means I have several days to cover in one.

                            Yesterday, I survived my Day Of Trauma, thank God!  But it was also the Shortest Day Of The Year, which means that, now, they start getting longer!  We built up to one thing, now are building to another!

                             I have to do my Advent Salutations on here for December 23, and the 24th, as I will not be here, on the latter.  So, let's get started, girls, because, once all that is over, I have so many books and performances to report on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              2015 is not over, yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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