Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Daddy Sent Daughter To Bed, Because Of Bad Make-Up, And Hair Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            The dad in question is Julian Balfour, who had a huge house in 19th century London. At one point, he committed suicide, and before you knew it, all sorts of kooks were hanging around the place, and Julian was sporting frizz hair and shock teeth.

                              You see, according to legend, witches, wizards, suicides, and those cursed by their parents or church, were believed to automatically become vampires, at the time of their death.  Julian must have had a wish to become a vampire.  But he had two daughters, with whom he had incestuous relationships--Luna, the Bat Girl, played by Edna Tichenor, and Lucille Balfour, his more human daughter, played by Marceline Day. He had Luna suck blood from anyone he asked her to.  If Daddy did not like the way Luna dressed, she was sent to her room.

                               This is how the story was told in the 1927 "London After Midnight," with Lon Chaney.  Is it still a lost film????????  Because this is some father-daughter classic.  Far superior to the campy MGM remake, "Mark Of The Vampire," in 1935, which reduces everything to the level of "American Horror Freak Show."

                                    I mean, look at Daddy making her suck that woman's blood!!!!!!!!! One could project all kinds of metaphors onto this!!!!!!!!  MGM was certainly allowed to be more perverse, during pre-Code..

                                      Maybe this is why it is a lost film. MGM did not want it known it was capable of such nastiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Don't you just love it, darlings??????????  A little pre-Holiday break!!!!!!!!!!

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