Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Sad End, And More Tragedy For Its Sole Survivor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Ten years ago this year, on May 12, Alec Devon Kreider, broke into the  home of his alleged best friend, Kevin Haines, killing the boy, as well as parents Tom and Lisa, in their Lancaster, Pennsylvania home.  Maggie Haines, Kevin's older sister, then a student at Bucknell University, was home from college--unknown to Alec.  Because of this, she got to her mother, who urged her to get up, and survived the massacre.

                            I posted on this, several years ago, as well as expressing compassion for Maggie, who has to live with unspeakable trauma that she presumably got help for.

                             How much more can poor Maggie take?  Because, on Friday, January 20, exactly two weeks before his 27th (February 4) birthday, Alec Kreider took his life.  He hanged himself in his prison cell.

                               When convicted, he gave no real motive for the killings.  Journal entries and conjecture led to the belief he killed the Haines family for the thrill of it, and because he coveted all his friend, Kevin, had--including a happier family situation than his.

                                No motive has been given for the suicide, but I cannot help but wonder that the closeness of both another birthday, and the decade anniversary of the killings played a part in it.  Not being able to enter Alec's mind, there is no better idea out there.

                                All in all, a sad end to a sad saga that can only cause more pain for Maggie.  Alec's death is tragic, but Maggie has yet to live with another piece of an unsolvable puzzle.

                                 May the Lord have mercy on these two families!  Especially Maggie!!!!!!!!!!!

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