Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Watch Out, C.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                               What on earth ever happened to Lauren Lane?  For the entire run of "The Nanny," as personal assistant C.C. Babcock, she was the most lovable manipulative, scheming bitch, on television.  Just the way she said "Nanny Fine," dripped condescension.

                                  I thought it was a cop out when she and Niles hooked up, at the end.  I could not accept it, and I thought the writers were off their mark.  Yes, Niles and C.C. were both bitchy, but, my God, she was from a moneyed background, and he was a servant!!!!!!!!!!!  Running off with the hired help!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How de classe, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Lauren should have gone somewhere, but she did not. Even Madeline Zima turns up, from time to time, having grown into a lovely young woman.

                                     But what ever happened to Lauren?  As C.C. she was a definitive bitch!!!!!!!!!!

                                      And we loved her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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