Thursday, January 12, 2017

This Young Man Is Not The Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His Family Is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Girls, how have I gotten away with not hearing about Daniel Pierce of  Kennesaw, Georgia.  To think that what I am about to report happened in the home state of Tara, Scarlett and Aunt Piittypat.  I am telling you, they would not have treated Daniel this way.

                               Sometime in 2014, Daniel came out to his family.  The news was greeted with a reaction far from enthusiastic, but nothing really damaging.  Then, on August 26 of that year, his family decided to have a "sudden intervention" with him.  Smart Daniel recorded the whole thing on his cell phone, and it went viral.

                                 I have never seen or heard a more graphic display, both visually and verbally of homophobic ignorance.  And that includes some of my more intellectually backward relations--you know who you are!!!!--who, if ever they spoke like this to my face, would get smacked, but good.  Daniel should have hit back at the family members , who physically attacked him. Especially Granny, who is one Grandmother, who I hope DOES get run over by a reindeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Or, at least have the deer defecate on her property--trailer trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  I will try to convey the horror of what Daniel went through.  Just like Rita says in "The Sleepover," "It happens to other kids."  And still is--somewhere.

                                   Daniel, more power to him, once he broke free of his wretched environment, has turned himself around.

                                     Daniel was actually taken in by an aunt--who must be estranged, too--and became acquainted with the organization called Lost N Found Youth.  He also attends Kennesaw State University, and many LGBT events, where he speaks out in support of others facing his situation.  What happened to Daniel was damaging--which is why the family members who contributed to it are winners of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award--but the overall results, in Daniel's case, have been affirming and gratifying.

                                       As for his family, good riddance!  When you have relatives like these, darlings, you DO need friends!

                                       My apologies, girls.  I cannot download the video. But go on YouTube or Google and, type in Daniel's name, maybe with the sub-heading "gay teen," and you will see how truly disgusting, non-familial and Un-Christian-like this boy was treated by his so-called family!!!!!!!

                                        They're the losers, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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