Saturday, January 28, 2017

Did You Know Mothra Auditoned For "The Black Scorpion??????????"

                             Yes, girls, it is one of the untold stories of Hollywood, which I am now going to bring to you.

                              The news, back in the late Fifties, that Columbia was planning a giant bug movie of its own, with no one less than Willis O'Brien--Willis O'Brien, darlings!!!!!!!!--doing the special effects, even reached Gojira's upstart rival on distant Infant Island.  Mothra was just a slug, but that did not stop her from having delusions of grandeur.  She thought it would be a snap; being she was a giant insect, already.  So, she slugged her way across oceans, knocking on Hollywood's door.  She asked for a screen test, and they agreed.  Her size was a factor.

                               Mothra thought it would be so easy.  Just cover herself with some cheesy black cloth, attach some tentacles to her, and she would like a black scorpion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Well, Columbia execs were not fooled.  When the saw the test results, with a cheesy looking, pasted up monster, they laughed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Sending Mothra back to Infant Island in outrage and humiliation.  Gojira could not stop laughing.

                                 That Mothra!  Even before getting her own movie, she was trouble!

                                  And Hollywood knew it!  So, they figured, let Japan deal with her.

                                  Mothra is still mad, to this day.  Even though a has-been.

                                   Hollywood's memory is almost as long as mine, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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