Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What Everyone Wants To Know About Daveigh Chase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  As you can see, darlings, Daveigh has come a long way from her signature turns as Samara in "The Ring," and that bitch Ariel Shuman on "The Sleepover," from "Cold Case."  If you have been on here awhile, dolls, you will know who she is.  Daveigh is now almost 27, and a stunner, but she still has those mysterious eyes--and acting skill enough to play evil, or as in the case of "Lilo And Stitch," characters as nice as Rita Baxter, Ariel's victim on "Cold Case."

                                 Some of you may know that, on February 3, which happens to be Blythe Danner's birthday, there is a new film opening called "Rings," part of the franchise started by "The Ring" back in 2002, which in itself was an American version of a superior Japanese film, called "Ringu."

                                    Nevertheless, I loved "The Ring" enough to see it three times, and Daveigh was the main reason.  Her centered performance established her as an actress to be watched, and when she crawled out of that TV set, she instantly became a horror icon.  Samara is going to be her Mrs. Voorhees.

                                     So, of course, with his new film coming out, everyone wants to know if Daveigh is going to be in it.  The first thing I want o know is, what the hell film is this?  Something new?  A continuation?  And why the plural form; why not just call it "The Ring 3?"  And how is the curse going to continue, when video cassettes no longer are in use?  What format will it be switched to? And how will that switch be explained?

                                      But back to Daveigh.  My answer about her is--I don't know.  But--I do have a theory.  Daveigh is not talking, but I am sure she knows/has known about the film, and that a lot of her fan base comes from Samara.  Now, Daveigh may have outgrown crawling out of TV sets, so she will not be seen as Samara.  My guess is--watch the film very carefully, and look at this picture before you do, because I think that, somewhere in this forthcoming film, the way Hitchcock always appeared, uncredited, Daveigh will be spotted.  I can't guarantee this, but I would not be at all surprised.

                                      "Before the film ends, you will see.....Daveigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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