Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mark Porter Was No Cole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Actually, he was more like Iago, and that similarity would be enough to make him this week's winner of the Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award.  Like Iago, Mark went to the extreme of murder.

                                   He was a glutton for  money; he could not get enough of it.  After a successful stint as a Superintendent Of Schools, in the Springfield, Missouri, area, he landed himself a six-figure job at IBM, post-retirement.   Nice, huh???????????

                                  Porter's replacement at the school job was his assistant, and good friend, Gary Tyrell.   He and his wife, Jan, had known Porter for years, as a colleague, and family friend.

                                    So, why did Porter murder both Tyrells, on August 2, 2010??????????

                                     Jan was collateral damage.  She had to be eliminated, because she was in the way.  Gary was a vast antique and coin collector, and was fairly moneyed, himself.  Except he was not greedy, nor did he have a gambling addiction--which Porter did.

                                     It seems Porter asked Gary for some cash--something like $250K--to get him out of the hole he was in.  Gary refused; I don't think he was as moneyed as Porter thought.

                                    So, what did this despicable thing do?  He killed them both.

                                    And, right about this time, their daughter, Jessica Tyrell Murray, who was close and loving to her parents, was planning to marry her fiance.  She wanted more than anything for her parents to be there, and her dad to walk her down the aisle.  When they eventually did get married, the happiness was blunted somewhat by her parents' absence.

                                     An absence caused by scumbag Mark Porter.  Well, this Greedy Gus is right where he belongs---in prison, for life.

                                      You think he would have stopped, had Gary given him that money?
                                       You think he would have stopped gambling?  Not a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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