Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Was Humpty Dumpty Fried, Or Over Easy???????????????????

                                      Strange ideas just pop into my head, darlings, and one of them concerned literature's most famous "egghead," Humpty Dumpty.

                                       His "great fall" cracked him right open.  No one could put him back together again, but what I always wanted to know was, what was done afterward?

                                         If he happened to fall onto scalding pavement, he would cook right there.  There was not enough for am omelette, but surely scrambled, or at least over easy????????  I don't think sunny side up would have been possible.

                                           Did they have salt and pepper on hand?  And who partook?  Inquiring minds want to know the untold truth about Humpty Dumpty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             I mean, what would Carol and Therese have done???????????????

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