Tuesday, January 24, 2017

So, How Is Retirement???????????????

My first official day of retirement began yesterday, and like most things in my life, it was not what I expected. 

 I had first thought I would arise, go to some nearby coffee shop, and commence a daily ritual of penning some Patti Smith-like bon mots into a notebook or journal.

  What really happened was I had to get up, as though it were a work day, and go into the city, for a doctor appointment, scheduled for the same time I usually started work.

  The difference in all this was, not just the past tense I used, but the freedom I had.  Once the appointment was done, I had no obligations.  I could do whatever I wanted.  Which was to go straight home, and remain inside, where I am currently ensconced, writing this, because a ferocious, wind fueled Nor'easter was passing through the area.

I am still holed up here, on Tuesday, because the storm is not quite out of the area yet.  This was actually a great time to retire; something right I did, for a change, because the Winter weather, from January through a lot of March, is so awful there is not much one can do, beside hole up and engage in mental pursuits.

Which is what I am doing.  How is retirement?   It still seems strange, meaning I have not, in my head, made the transition.  I never took a vacation longer than two weeks, and I am still in that period, so this all feels like an extended vacation.  By the time Spring rolls around, and I do not go in to my former workplace, maybe that is when it will hit me!!!!!!!!!!  I will be sure and give you a full report, girls!!!!!!!!!!!

I also got a fabulous sendoff from my colleagues, whom I owe a thank you note.  I think my beloved took pics.  In days to come, they should turn up on here.

 So, I am retired, darlings!  Now on to other topics!!!!!!!!!


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