Sunday, January 15, 2017

When Did Florida Become The State For Whack Jobs?????????????????

                             Back when I was a child--over fifty years ago--there was this ex-sportsman named Jim Dooley, who preached about the virtues of Florida living.  One of my uncles became so obsessed, he uprooted his entire family from Jersey to there--and soon my father's siblings followed.  Not just them, but an entire generation.  A generation that by now has pretty much vanished, but whose lingering traces remind us of when the state was truly a retirement mecca.

                               But it also has its underbelly.  Adam Walsh's murder, Aileen Wuornos' killings, and Casey Anthony's killing of her daughter, Caylee, all took place there.  At some point during the transition of generations, Florida morphed into the Whack Job State.

                                 Not to besmirch all the good people that do live there.  But, darlings, really, what is in that water down there????????????

                                  Which brings me to Bradley Hubbard, from the Pensacola area.  The man is an ugly looking "Bubba."  He is 23, but looks older.  From his face, it is very likely he is obese in a White Trash sort of way.  He would have made Bitch Of The Week, had I waited, but I just could not wait to write about him.

                                    Bradley was arrested, after December 28, when his female roommate could stand it n o longer.  He had--I kid you not--been having an ongoing sexual relationship with his pit bull, a female, named "Baby Girl."

                                     This is SO disgusting and inhumane!  Now, I may not like pit bulls, I may be a little afraid of them, but I have no doubt they have feelings, and are capable of being loved as much as any other dog.  To do this to any animal is unthinkable--the worst.  When the poor dog was examined, the vet found evidence of genital abuse!

                                     Hey, Bradley, bro', what's wrong, you can't get a woman???????  Or a man?????????  So, you go after a dog, who has no say in the matter?  Well, actually, he could, and should have bitten your balls off, but who knows what contorted positions the dog was held down.
You ugly gas bag, you should stick with inflatable dolls, or artificial vaginas!  You're so ugly that is the best you can do!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      He shows up in court on February 2--Ground Hog Day--to get sentenced.  I hope he goes to prison and gets corn holed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Poor Baby Girl.  I hope she gets the recovery and love she deserves.  No animal should have to suffer like this.

                                         Liz Smith used to say, "Only in New York."  I say "Only in Florida, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!"

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