Friday, January 13, 2017

Sharing Our Wedding Pictures, With One And All!!!!!!!!!!!

                                I am telling you, not since Eddie married Debbie was there such a wedding!  We tried to keep things quiet, and did, but when we emerged outside afterward, oh my God!  The paparazzi!!!!!!!!  You cannot imagine, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!  So, come with me on a visual journey.

                                 David took this.  Here we are in the waiting room.  Of course, that is me in orange, and, though barely visible, that is Baby Gojira, in his "Doctor Zhivago" winter outfit, I am cuddling.  To my  left is my friend, and, to my right is Auntie Alvin.  You have heard about him on here.

                                  They were our witnesses.  Aren't they cute?

                                   But, I am telling you, Baby Gojira, whom I had no idea would be there, upstaged us all!!!!!!!!!  I just love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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