Wednesday, January 25, 2017

An Actor Would Have To Be Pretty Desperate To Do THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            I am sure many of you recognize this as the moon landing from Georges Melies' 1902 classic, "A Trip To The Moon."  I always figured the sequence involved some actor painting his face white, and sticking it in a hole, against a solar backdrop, wearing moon make-up, and taking a rocket in the right eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Actors eat to work, and work to eat, so it is a pretty hard scramble life.  To play a moon, and getting struck in the eye, one would have to be hard-up, right????????? If this film could talk, I bet you would hear curse words, when the rocket hit!  I always wondered who this unknown "actor" was.  Wait till you read what I found out.

                             The director, Mr. Georges Melies, put his integrity on the line, in favor of his project, and assumed the "role" of the Moon.  That is right; this is Mr. Melies getting beaned in the eye, with that rocket.

                             Was this where Hitchcock got the idea to appear in his films?  Who knows.  But it does show how deeply Melies  believed in his project.  Hats off to him!

                              Space travel was never so much fun, after this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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