Monday, January 9, 2017

Good For You, Meryl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I don't often speak about the Golden Globes, darlings.  Hell, I hardly ever watch them, and I did not, last night. But, after what  I heard, I just had to comment.

                              I was thrilled that Casey Affleck won for Best Actor.  I cannot recall when I have been this thrilled by an actor in such a dramatic role.  A pity that fine young man, Lucas Hedges, was not even nominated, or that scene stealer Simon Helberg was not accorded honor for his role in "Florence Foster Jenkins."  And while MERYL got the Cecil B. DeMille Award for her body of work--as if her career is over, which it is not--she should also have won for "Florence Foster Jenkins."  Isabelle Huppert?  Are you kidding?  Even Amy Adams in "Arrival" would be preferable.

                             But you have to hand it to MERYL, for turning the tables on Trump. She didn't so much lambast him, as his discriminatory dismissal of the entire handicapped community in the way he dissed a disabled New York Times reporter.  I could be compassionate and say Trump is disabled of brain, but that would be too kind.  He is the living nightmare we have all feared, since growing up, watching "The Twilight Zone."  He actually had me for a minute--just a minute--contemplating rereading "Atlas Shrugged," to gird my loins for the next four years.  One thing it and Trump have in common--both are in severe need  of editing.  I have read Ayn Rand's book twice in thirty years.  That is enough.

                             As for Trump calling the DIVINE MERYL an "overrated actress," there are worse things he can--and will be, in the future--called!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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