Sunday, January 15, 2017

I Can No Longer Tolerate The Pretentiousness Of Manhattan's Upper West Side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             When I was young and single, this area of Manhattan was a playground for me.  I took voice lessons there, saw therapists there; for a time the Loew's 84th was the only major movie theater, and many actors, many of the "Chorus Line" people, also young and single.

                                Arriving in Manhattan, in the Eighties, the Upper West Side was the area everyone--myself included--wanted to live.  And if all who said they wanted this had actually made it there, the neighborhood could not support a population that size.

                                 Time, and my life, moved on.  I really have not been up there in years, if closer to decades.  David and I were there, Friday evening, to attend a shul at B'nai Jerushn, on West 88th Street.  We were there to support our friend, Avive, who had recently lost her mother.

                                  The service and environment were beautiful.  And the neighborhood still is, in that sense.  But what has crept into it is appalling.  It has gone from the artsy to the Straight Establishment.

                                   While we were walking to the synagogue, we passed this Mr. Self-Righteous Corporation Shit Type.  You know, the kind who bargain with their wives in terms of blow jobs, and for whom no other person exists, it is all about them, because they work downtown.  He, of course, was talking loudly into his cell phone, about his flight tomorrow, so pumped up with his own self-importance, I wanted to gag!  These guys are now a dime a dozen in this area.  Just because they have a penis and testicles, they think they can run the world????????  No wonder Trump got elected!!!!!!!

                                      Now, don't think I am bashing straight men!  Oh, no!  For, no sooner did we pass this lug, when a Yuppette (or what at one time might have been called such) came along, talking loudly to the world on her cell phone, so everyone knew her business.  She was facing a "real" crisis she voiced to the person on the other end of the line--"Should I take a gymnastics class?"  Oh, my God!  Luxury problems!  There types mark the end of the world, with their self-absorption.  I wanted to yell, "Why don't you take a class in being a decent, productive being, you fucking bitch??????????"  You can imagine the fight that would have broken out.

                                     To think I was once enchanted with the Upper West Side. But, now all that enchanted me has gone, beginning with Equity Library Theatre.   Maybe that is when the decline began.

                                       As for me, I am content in Brooklyn.   The Upper West Side is verboten to me!

                                       I bet the Castevets would not reside there, anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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