Thursday, January 19, 2017

This Hazel Is Not Everybody's Pal, But One Cold-Hearted Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Hazel must have been quite a bitch.  For starters, she was not much to look at, which may be why, in the first place, her husband, John, strayed with Cathy Whitehead, in the Rockvale, Georgia.  Down home, indeed!

                                   This thing, along with cohort Donald Glenn Everett, got back at husband John, by kidnapping and killing Cathy Whitehead.

                                     Now, I don't know if anything was going down between Hazel and Glenn--I mean, again, she was not much to look at, but was he?  Glenn might have been so desperate he would have taken up Hazel on an offer of sexual favors in exchange for being a murder accomplice--what else could one expect from two dumb crackers, who thought Cracker Barrel was haute cuisine?????

                                       Here is how it went.  On the night of April 14, 1983, Donald went to knock on Cathy's door.  When she answered, he told her that John Short, her so-called fiance, was calling her from a nearby pay phone.

                                         What is wrong with this?  She did not even have a land line?  She had to use a pay phone?  How White Trash is that?

                                             When Cathy got there, which was near a parking lot to some sleazy, one-horse strip mall, and took the phone, Hazel snuck up, grabbed her from behind, and, with Donald's help, tied Cathy and placed her in the trunk of her car, vowing vengeance on her from taking John away. They then drove to a wooded area outside of town, and, in a manner similar to Shanda Sharer, beat, tortured, and set Cathy on fire!  What a bitch!  She does deserve to be the winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award.

                                                 What an evil bitch!  I am telling you, I love "Gone With The Wind," but I am starting to rethink Georgia.  "Deliverance," and now this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    One thing for sure, darlings!  Hazel's last name may be Short, but her incarceration period is anything but.

                                                      She was sentenced to Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Czechchicklet said...

She didn't have a phone because she was moving in a couple of days and had services cut off. No one had cell phones back then. Just saying.

Too Tired to Think said...

What a terrible shame. I just watched this on Your Worst Nightmare. How anyone can burn another alive is beyond all comprehension.

Unknown said...

Crazy bitch. I want to write to this bitch hazel.

The Raving Queen said...

Well, dears, Hazel will be locked up for a long time.
Unknown, if you want to write to her, be my guest! But
be careful not to get caught in her twisted machinations!

The Raving Queen said...

Too Tired To Think,
Agreed, but it happens more than
we would like to think! To burn
someone alive is the height of sadism and

The Raving Queen said...


Agreed. This was in that pre-cell
phone era. Had they been available,
she might be alive today. Very sad!

Unknown said...

You got some things wrong here. Hazel's daughter Tina and Glenn are the ones who kidnapped Cathy. Hazel met up with them later. Along with a few other, who will remain nameless

Also you didn't even come close to explaining just how much torture and torment this young lady suffered through before she died. Cathy was burned, beaten, stabbed, and has been said that she was even rapped. She was then put in the trunk of the car and lived for several days, before finally being killed and dumped in a well.

Hazel was given 2 life sentences. Just thought I'd add a little to conversation. This was a horrible crime and no amount of jail time can make up for it.

The Raving Queen said...


Maybe I let myself forget the horrifics.
I also forgot about the 2 life sentences.
They are well deserved!
Thanks for sharing!

MrsShort said...
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Cheryl Phillips said...

How are you going to call a victim white trash for not having a landline? It was the 80's not everyone had a landline even back then and at 21 years old she was probably just being able to make rent. It's very insensitive.

Anonymous said...

Hazel shd have gotten death penalty! If anyone deserves it, she certainly does, imho!

The Raving Queen said...


Even the people in the White Trash
section of my home town, known as Goat
Alley, had land lines! If she did not
then she was REAL trash! Even Goat
Alley had land lines!

The Raving Queen said...


I completely agree with you!

patrick brown said...

You are absolute garbage and clearly uneducated. Stay in your trailer park smoking meth and watching Springe. Don't grace the real world with your existence.

The Raving Queen said...

Patrick, dear,

It is comments like yours
that make me glad I do this.
Bet you voted for Trump!

Darling, I am so educated,
I don't know WTF Springe is!

Take a chill pill, hon!