Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Some Very Deserving Actors Among The Oscar Nominees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         How earlier can they push the Academy Awards hoopla up?  The 2017 Oscar nominations (for 2016) were announced this morning, and I cannot be happier that the DIVINE MERYL got her twentieth (breaking her own record!!!!!!!!!!) nomination, and that that fine young man, Lucas Hedges, received an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actor for his deeply moving work in "Manchester By The Sea."  His work here, as Patrick Chandler, fulfills the promise I saw in him, when he played Richie, the gay kid, in the NBC miniseries, "The Slap."

                          The actor pas de deux between Lucas and Casey Affleck, as uncle Lee Chandler, is deserving of every prize out there.  Lucas may not win, but he is on his way.  Casey, I am pretty certain, will win, and, unless there is a "La La Land" upset, "Manchester By The Sea" is the film to beat.

                          Now, Ryan Gosling, another good actor, who, also, like Casey, is good to look at, has nabbed a nomination for "La La Land."  So, this promises to be a tougher, more interesting year than usual, added to which is more diversity, with Octavia Spencer and Mahershala Ali named for their work in "Hidden Figures," and "Moonlight," not to mention Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, in "Fences."

                          I have never seen such a bevy of fine actors assembled.  But Andrew Garfield???? Come on; I thought he had dropped from the scene!  And Michael Shannon?  Good actor, but you know what?  I saw "Nocturnal Animals," and I cannot remember what he played in it.  For me, the film was all about Jake Gyllenhal, and Amy Adams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            And WHAT????????????????  No nomination for Amy Adams in "Arrival?"  When is she going to get the Oscar she so readily deserves??????????  And I was sad to see Simon Helberg omitted from his brilliant pas de deux with MERYL in "Florence Foster Jenkins."

                              I never thought Emma Stone would ever get a nomination.  And for a supposed musical????  I say "supposed," because I have not seen "La La Land" yet.  I have, however, seen Miss Stone in other films, and up till now, I would hesitate, based on what I have seen, to call her an actress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Nevertheless, Oscar Season has arrived.  So, get out, see those films, and support your favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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