Thursday, January 5, 2017

Oprah; Get Over It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          It is bad enough, darlings, that Minnesota entrepreneur and former crack addict, Mike Lindell, comes at us nightly on the tube, with his My Pillow ads.  Did you know, supposedly, that his drug dealers, the biggest in the area, forced him to an intervention????  Maybe Mike is better than I give him credit for, because that is the biggest piece of bullshit I ever heard.  Drug dealers are leeches, like lawyers and actors' agents; what matters most to them is their client base, so why intervene on someone's behalf, and lose a client.  No one could accuse these professionals of humanitarianism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           I thought Oprah's "I Love Bread" commercial for Weight Watchers was awful, but have you seen the latest, with she in her black, Yoga leotard, doing poses in a forest??????  And then sitting in the same space in house chairs, with a table and tea, reading a book?

                              Are you kidding?  Do you think a garden of roses will open up, once you lose weight.  The weight may go down, as well as the dress size, the health will improve, but get a grip, Oprah.  Do you really think people are that dumb to believe the romanticized fantasies your latest series of ads are feeding them?????????????//

                                You don't fool me, any, girly girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Everyone needs to lose weight--I am no exception---but get real, not delusional, about it.

                                    It won't send anyone over the rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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