Thursday, January 5, 2017

"Funny Uncle???????" No, More Like "Sicko Fuck Uncle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                               As I have said for lo these many years, darling, there is no shortage of bitches, out there.  The first of 2017, Stanley Dishon, had the temerity to murder his niece--his brother, Mike's daughter--Jessica, because she was finally going to come clean and tell her family he had been sexually abusing her for several years.  And Jessica was only seventeen.  This was back on September 10, 1999.

                                 The sun did not shine bright on this family's old Kentucky home, in aptly named Bullitt County, where Jessica lived with her parents, Mike and Edna.  She had the world going for--but she harbored a terrible secret. The only mistake she made was mentioning what she was going to do to her Uncle Stanley. Mike had even tried, over the years, to help his ne'er do well brother.  This just proves such people should not be helped; sexual predators are a dime a dozen, and should go on the government dole in prison.

                                  Stanley had to be some sick bitch.  First, to have sex with his niece, and then to murder her?????????  It is a wonder his brother, Mike, did not murder him.  I would not have blamed him.

                                    This bitch deserves everything he gets in prison, and that includes getting corn holed, too.  He's an ugly shit, but see how he likes what he put Jessica through.

                                      Besides, ugly does not count in prison. Any hole will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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