Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Here Is The Right Betty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             During the Holidays, you heard me musing over the right or wrong Betty--Hutton versus Grable.  I love them both, but here is Betty from the 1944 film "And The Angels Sing," which is also about a sister act.  No wonder I was confused.

                              Her big number in this film--which you know I would just LOVE to do, girls, only the physicality of all would kill me!!!!!!!!!--was "His Rocking Horse Ran Away.  I hope I can bring it to you.

                              Here it is. Now, the thing is, if you watch it objectively, it is simply a stunning show stopper.  But, if you watch it with any knowledge of Betty Hutton's life, it almost seems to foreshadow her future trouble to come, because the transitions within are extremely manic, suggesting someone with bipolar disorder.  Which I think Betty had.

                               But she also had talent, and if this doesn't prove it, nothing will.  Take a look, darlings; it is something for us all to aspire to, in 2017.

                                 The song, I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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