Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Room With A View, Girls????????? Well, Yes.........But Not To This Bitch's Extremes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Even by the standards of this column, darlings, Walter Dendy, pictured left, is some piece of work!!!!!!!!!!

                                   The winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award, masterminded a scheme, where he hired Neil Bross and Emilio Charafradin, a schizophrenic handy man, to drive to a Lauderdale area motel, near Dendy's home, owned by 63- year-old Leonard "Rudi" Houda.  Charafaradin was to go armed with a cooler filled with liquid sulfuric acid, and, when Rudi turned to him, hurl the contents, directly in his face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This took place on July 9, 2,000!!!!!!!!

                                     Which Charafardin did.  Rudi Houda died an undeserving and painful death.  And while Charafardin and Boss (who drove the getaway vehicle!!!!) were convicted, the real snake in all this is Walter Dendy, a 70-year-old condo president, who lived nearby.

                                             And why did he do this?  Because he wanted a view, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              For years, Walter had a clear, unobstructed view and walkway from his house to the beach, across the street.  It was nice, but he is not God!  Hell, he's not even BARBRA!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               Houda decided to improve his property, and upgrade business, but putting a gate between the beach and the pathway, and building trees and fences to give his tenants more privacy. As was his right!

                                                But all this messed up what Denby thought was HIS, even though it really wasn't.  It was just pure luck he had it all these years.  He should have enjoyed while he could, and be grateful.

                                                  Unfortunately, Mr. Entitlement thought this property was HIS and no one else's!!!!!!!!!  But destroying a man with acid????????????  That is truly despicable!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                      When I think of the pain and suffering Houda suffered prior to death, it makes Dendy's Life conviction pale by comparison.  He may never see the light of day again, but he is unscathed and walking about.

                                                         So, here is to Mr. Walter Denby, who has to be one of the most diabolical Bitches Of The Week I have ever written about.  But they say Karma's a bitch, too, so who knows what is is store for him???????????????

                                                            Bet the REAL Devil has something hotter and long lasting than acid planned for Dendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                              And you deserve it, Walter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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