Sunday, June 16, 2013

Get These Tramps Out Of Our Neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Lickee lickee, indeed, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Girls, do I have plenty to say about the sex spa infusion in Bay Ridge!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my nabe, hons, and you know, if I were back in Woodside, and hearing this story, I would be horrified by what is going on!!!!!  And if this is happening here, what about elsewhere????????????

                               Just several weeks before this story broke, Monsieur and I were walking past one of these closed up, but "Open!" places, and he voiced these exact suspicions.  At the time, I laughed it off, choosing not to believe it!  Boy, was I wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                These places seem to be staffed by young Asian babes. Are they part of some kind of trafficking by Madam Sin????????  And I am telling you, in this case, who Madam Sin is!!!!!!!!!!  Not lickey lickey, but that despicable Greek bitch, Despina Poulakakis!!!!!!!!!  She may be ugly as sin, but, when it comes to business practices, her running sex slaves in and out of here would not surprise me one bit!!!!!!!!!
How would that hold with the rest of your Greek Orthodox congregants, Despi, dear????????  Mark my words, if this turns out to be the case, you will have heard it first here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I would not, again, be the least bit surprised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   I think the whole thing is like one of those Asian horror films!!!!!!!!!!!  These shape changers come in during the day as babes, who sexually appease the more Buttafucco-like residents of this enclave--you know, straight guys who are too beastly to get it anywhere else!!!!!!!  Like that guy with the dogs, who harassed us one morning!!!!!!!!--and then, at night, they morph into the Grannies getting in yo' garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then, at sunrise, they morph back to babes again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   While the poor Buttafuccos are trapped in their ugly ass selves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     I say get ALL this trash out of our neighborhood!  I mean, not far from Our Lady Of Angels, for God's sake!!!!!!!!!!!  What would Sister Camille say??????????  She'd say help the poor, unfortunate girls, but get the rest out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This never would have happened on Walton's Mountain, I am telling you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       I am proud of my neighborhood, yet embarrassed it is receiving this kind of attention!!!!!!!!!!!!  Round up all these cattle of undesirables, and run them outta town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Because some of us are pure here, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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