Monday, June 3, 2013

"I Won't Forget! You BET I Won't Forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                   How many times, darlings, have you heard that line used on here already???????  Well, I am bringing it back now, because it serves a purpose, related to this follow up of my alleged shoplifting incident on Friday evening!

                                     When I was on the phone, yesterday, with my sister, my beloved Monsieur reminded me of something I had forgotten.  Prior to going up to the counter, someone had come up to the girl--someone else who was in the store, presumably, a customer, or prospective one--and said they had seen me putting something in my pocket, hence the shoplifting accusation.  Who this person is I have no idea, and if I did, I would have given them the same what for I gave the staff.  My guess is, once I began my tirade, my accuser hid in the store, because where I was positioned, if anyone had gone in or out the door, I would have seen them. And I saw no one.

                                       What I will never understand is what this person thought they saw--or what they thought they had seen--that they could have accused me.  Was it genuinely a case of mistaken perception?????  Or was it something more sinister, like homophobia or some kind of harassment scheme??????

                                         I know I sound paranoid, darlings, but after some of the experiences I have had, particularly early in life, you start getting suspicious.

                                            However, that store is history to me, now!

                                            And I hope, shortly afterward, it becomes history for Bay Ridge!!!!!!!!

                                             "I won't forget!  You BET I won't forget!"


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