Thursday, June 20, 2013

"If A Girl Isn't Pretty, Like A Miss Atlantic City, All She Gets In Life Is Pity, And A Pat!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                  No, girls, this is not Cristina Ricci having just gotten out of bed, and both we and Cristina Ricci can be very thankful for that.  Though this is another Cristina--namely Cristina Torre, daughter of former Yankees coach, Joe Torre.

                                    Hot tamale, darlings!  This one's for the zoo!  When did the "Frankenstein's Daughter" look become so "in," these days???????  Remember the post about the woman who I thought was channeling Sandra Knight in "Frankenstein's Daughter????????"  Well, Cristina Torre  not only does this better, she looks exactly like her father, in drag!!!!!!!!!  I mean, if you had shown me this photo and said it was Joe Torre with a female wig over his head, I would have believed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      But, hey, girls, she has a good heart!  And she brought some welcome publicity to my domestic enclave of Bay Ridge, after that report on sex trafficking  and tramps working in alleged spas!!!!!!!!  Spas, indeed!!!!!!!!!  Massage Parlors!!!!!!!!  Nudies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Run by that Despicable Despina, I can tell you!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Cristina supposedly does something, working with pre-school kids.  I don't know if she lives in Bay Ridge, but she certainly she was in the right place at the right time, on Wednesday afternoon.
At 91st and Third Avenue, over a frozen yogurt shop, live this couple who are guilty of child neglect, and have been dealt with by having the kids hauled off to Child Services. Because their youngest baby managed to crawl out the window, and onto the store awning (not very sturdy) and was, basically, hovering in the air, where a fall from there would have been "Bye, Bye, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!"   Fortunately, fast thinking Cristina positioned herself, knowing the baby would fall, so that, when it did, she would catch it!!!!!!!!  And she did!!!!!!!!!!

                                       I am sure, to that baby, Cristina is the most beautiful woman in the world!!!!!!! So what if she isn't, really????????  She is a true humanitarian, and, maybe, for her efforts, the wonderful staff over at Salon Briana could attempt some cosmetic miracles, in return for Cristina's efforts!!!!!!!!!  But let;s not get our hopes up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Judge Judy is always saying how beauty fades!!!!!!!!  But, what if it is not there, to begin with??????????????????

                                          Moisturize, girls!  I am telling you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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