Thursday, June 6, 2013

"But Patty's Only Seen The Sights A Girl Can See From Brooklyn Heights!!!!!!!!!"

                                                 "Meet Cathy, who's lived most everywhere,
                                                  From Zanzibar, to Barkley Square!
                                                  But Patty's only seen the sights a girl can
                                                     see from Brooklyn Heights!
                                                   What a crazy pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Those of us of a certain age, I am sure know the lyrics to this well known television theme song!!!!!!!!  What on earth made it pop into my head, recently???????  I think it has to do with the potential subway debacle ahead for us R riders in the near future.  I especially wondered what the residents
of Brooklyn Heights, (where the Lanes, Patty's family, lived) would be in for, and I began to wonder.

                                      Did the Lanes' Brooklyn Heights of the day bear any relation to the real one?
Or was it Hollywood's version?  What was the real one like, in the time of "The Patty Duke Show."

                                        This show did some number on me as a child, darlings!!!!!!!!!  It created such elevated expectation for me about adolescence--popularity, malt shops, everything!!!!!!!!!!!  No wonder I was so frustrated when things did not turn out that way!  While I certainly cannot blame this TV show entirely for that, I wonder, had my expectations been less high, I might have had a better time of it!!!!!!!!!

                                         But, let's face it, some of us who don't "have it" then, get it later!!!!!!!!!  And, if you've been reading this blog, girls, you know I have moved well beyond malt shops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          I should have paid more attention to Kitty Sullivan, as Patty's nemesis, Sue Ellen ("MY father is President of a bank!!!!!!!!!)  It would have given me a glimpse of what I was actually in for!!!!!!!!  I ended up going to high school with a constellation of Sue Ellens,  which ended my expectations, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            Whenever I wander through Brooklyn Heights, "The Patty Duke Show" occasionally passes through my mind.

                                                More often than not, these days, this is supplanted by thoughts of "Valley Of The Dolls," "Moonstruck," and "The Sentinel"

                                                  But. Patty, darling, do you still like to rock and roll? Does a hot dog make you lose control??????????????????

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