Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just What We Need, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another Kardashian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Those Karsashians, I am telling you, darlings!!!!!!!!!  They are nothing more, or less, than high priced tramps!!!!!!!!!!!!  A bunch of REAL Material Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Well, yesterday, Kim Kardashian gave birth to a daughter (how appropriate, in a family that tends both toward girls and material goods!!!!!!!!!!) by her boyfriend--not husband, God forbid!!!!!  Tramp!!!!!!--Kayne West, some rapper honcho, at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles!!!!!!!!  And would you believe this truly innocent (and, having JUST been born, you know she is, though, being a Kardashian, how long will that last???????) baby has not even been given a name, yet????????   I have an idea!  How about Kardashian Kardashian????????????????

                                     That Kayne West, he's some  kind of horn dog,  with his hand in this pot of honey AND money, not to mention, what do I know about his crappy music???????  And do I really give a shit????????  Hey, Kayne, I got news for you--when it comes time to record your footnote sized contribution to American cultural history, all you will be remembered for, honey, is that you banged a Kardashian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Like, big deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you actually think you got there first??????????  In your dreams, doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      But, really, who can't be happy about a new baby?????  And just glad that Kim and the baby seem to be doing just fine??????????  Can you just imagine that baby shower?????????  And now the gifts?????????????????  And the christening??????  Only time this gal will see the inside of a church!!!!!!!!  And she won't remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        Tradition is continuity, dears,  even with  the Kardashians!  See, they are just like you and I!!!!!!  Yeah, right!!!!!!!!!!  But I predict that the first words out of this baby's mouth, will not be dialogue, but a song lyric--

                                          "I'm a Material!  I'm a Material!  I'm a Material!!!!!!!!"

                                            Happy Blessed Event, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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