Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oh, My God!!!!!!!!!!! Are You Kidding??????????? I CANNOT Believe It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             To think, darlings, it has been nine years--virtually a decade!!!!--since the release of the movie, "Finding Neverland,"  When that film was released, back in 2004, I not only saw it several times, so enchanted (and unexpectedly so!!!!) by it was I, but I cried real tears each time in two very specific places--the ending, which I had complete empathy with, and the magical sequence where we see the boys flying out the nursery window!  To this very moment, I want to fly right out, with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               And it certainly deserved the Best Picture Oscar, over that half-baked "Million Dollar Baby!!!!!!!!!!!"

                             This ("Finding Neverland") was the film where Julie Christie played--are you ready, girls????--the grandmother!!!!!!!!!!  I am telling you, darlings, no Granny has ever, or will, look so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               So, why am I getting all worked up????????????????????

                               Well, you know, Miss Diane "Flavor Of The Month" Paulus???????????  On the eve of the TONY Awards, she certainly thinks highly of herself!!!!!!!!  Just because she got lucky with that revival of "HAIR" awhile back (whose score is a Time Tested Favorite, to begin with!!!!!!!!!) she has subsequently thought of herself as Hot Shit!  Which she probably always did!!!!!!!  I mean, doesn't she look like a REAL bitch, anyway???????  You can bet I would never want to work with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Right now, she is so full of herself, sitting pretty, like a cat licking cream, waiting, and certain, her revival of "Pippin" is going to pick up some coveted trophies tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!  When it comes to being full of herself, Miss Paulus outdoes the oft mentioned (on this blog, at least!!!!!) Diane Dykeman!  In fact, she makes Diane seem like humility, personified!  Which she isn't!

                                 This bitch is making a career of tinkering with Musical Theater Classics.  As I said, she got lucky with "HAIR;" so much so, her head swelled to the size of a MACY"S balloon, and she then went on to vivisect one of the last century's most iconic works--"Porgy And Bess!"  Smart move, Di, casting Audra McDonald, who, you know, sang the bejesus out of Bess!  Not so smart, dumbing it down for a mass audience, trying to make the ending happy, and surrounding Audra with singers not up to her  level, so that the show now should have been entitled, simply, "Bess!"  No wonder an incensed Stephen Sondheim wrote to The New York Times!!!!!!!!  And I agree with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    I think I may have posted on here something about it, (I know I spoke to lots of people!!!!!!!) insisting Miss Paulus had better watch herself, or else she would end up exiled on the Island Of Lost Directors, like Julie Taymor!!!!!!!!  Which she may still!

                                      But then, Miss Paulus took on the Bob Fosse classic, "Pippin."  Now, I saw the Original, darlings, and the idea of ANYONE messing with Fosse is like someone, say, messing with Michael Bennett!  Which Rob Ashford had the nerve to do with the recent revival of "Promises, Promises," which is why I never went near that show--which the critics did not go wild about!!!!--and so Mr. Ashford had better watch he does not up on that same island, alongside Julie!  Theater Queens do NOT forgive, darlings!!!!!!!!

                                        Then, "Pippin" opened, and the theater critics of today, who have no sense of artistic respect, or historicity, went  crazy over Paulus' attention grabbing, Cirque Du Soleil ripoff tactics, and now this production is a TONY favorite, and Diane is licking her chops, much too pleased with herself than she has any right to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          I have been so disgusted over this, these past couple of months, that I found myself wondering, with dread, "What is Diane Paulus going to do next?  What masterwork is she going to ruin NOW??????"

                                           Well, darlings, I have just found out, which brings things back, full circle, to the film I mentioned at the start of this post.

                                             Harvey Weinstein has engaged her, to direct--get this--a Broadway bound, by way of London, MUSICAL version of........."Finding Neverland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                               It is bad enough this screen gem is going to be musicalized!!!!  But with Diane Paulus at the helm???????????

                                                I want to puke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                Who will be hired to compose it?  Probably someone like Duncan Sheik, composer of "Spring Awakening," or someone else adept at such crap!  How will they cast it????????
You can bet all the warmth and heart will be drained from it by Vampire Diane, as surely as she drains the lifeblood out of most artistic work she desecrates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    It is bad enough one of my film faves is going to be ruined!!!!!!!!!  But why compound this theatrical disaster by having Paulus helm it????????????????

                                                     I object!  So much so, that I am urging all my girls on here, who care about theatrical art, to boycott this project, before it even gets off the ground!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't care what happens at the TONYS tomorrow night; even if that smirking bitch walks off weighted down with prizes, mark my words, someday SOON, she is going to get her comeuppance!  Maybe, just maybe, "Finding Neverland" will be her downfall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                      I just can't bear it, girls!  But I had to let you know right away!

                                                      I am telling you, it ALMOST makes me tolerant of Diane Dykeman!!!!!!!!!!

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