Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh, My God!!!!!!!! Such Superb Color Coordination, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Girls, "Rizzoli And Isles" opened their fourth season with an interesting episode that juxtaposed the familial feel the Rizzolis and Maura all seem to have with each other, against another family, who seems to have it, but does not.

                                       That family happens to be the Humphreys--Senator Malcom (David Selby; remember him, darlings, as Quentin Collins on "Dark Shadows??????"), his daughter Erica, her husband, Jeff Miller, and her mousy sister, Jennifer Humphreys, who serves as her Chief Of Staff.  Erica has just won her father's Senate seat.  The Humphreys are riding on top in Boston, as Erica, astride a convertible, waves to constituents, during a Saint Patrick's Day Parade.

                                          Suddenly, a mysterious, gloved sniper opens fire, snuffing out the life of Erica, and devastating her poor, elderly father, and her husband, Jeff.  Unfortunately, Jeff, who has been hounded by the press for being a "house husband" in the wake of his wife's success, (and what is wrong with that, girls?????) is viewed as the prime suspect, but wait till you hear whom it turns out to be.

                                            None other than mousy little sister, Jennifer.  What a piece of work she is.  With her hair put up in a bun, she would look ready to play Agnes Gooch in "Mame." Bet she resented sis for her looks and success, not to mention her good looking husband, and cute baby.  All the things Jen wanted, but was too plain and screwed up to get. So, she latches on to a toxin company, that Erica was set to expose.  They cut a bribe deal with Jennifer, where they pay her to anonymously harass her own sister, online.  Finally, when things close in, and it looks like Jennifer is going to be exposed, Miss Sniper does the unthinkable.  Who would think a mouse like this, would be such a crack shot?????????

                                                The tragedy is it turns out Erica, with sisterly integrity, had found out what Jennifer had done, and was going to not only resign from the Senate seat, but take the rap for what her scum sister had done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The scene where Jennifer gets hysterical, screaming, "I want a lawyer!" is too much. More should have been seen here--brother-in-law and hubby turning on her, the cops hauling her off, even getting her face smacked!  But at least we know Jennifer is headed off to a place--for good--where she will look even worse than she did in the outside world!

                                                   What else?  Well, Frankie is being promoted to detective! Hot Militia Man  Casey returns, walking, cured, ready to bed, but not wed; after wooing Jane, he announces he is going back to Afghanistan.  As for Angela, she is still dishing out coffee, but it looks like she and the Lieutenant are picking up where they left off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it, girls!!!!!!!!!!!  Neither can Jane and Maura!!!!!!!!!

                                                        Oh, and Maura makes peace with stepsister Caitlin over her kidney donation, and it looks like she and Hope, her mother, may come to terms.  With, perhaps another visit from
Sharon Lawrence???????????

                                                           A lovely season opener, though not enough scenes, involving food and wine!!!!!!!!!!!  But there is plenty of time for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                              Besides, that mousy little pudge, Jennifer, probably ate up everything in sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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