Sunday, June 16, 2013

From Tearjerker Friday To Socializing Saturday, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Girls, didn't I tell you things would get better, after my tearful postings on Friday????????    I mean, wasn't Dr. Amy enough???????????  Well, if she wasn't, wait till you hear about last evening!!!!!!!!!!!

                              It started out with Monsieur and I taking an evening bus uptown to--are you ready???--Harlem!!!!!!!!!  That's right, darlings!!!!!!!!!!  Fish don't fry in the kitchen, and beans don't burn on the grill!
                              Not only that, we ended up in the thick of things, along Lennox Ave. and 125th Street, where we dined at Chez Lucienne, to celebrate the 70th (like Blythe Danner) birthday of Bryant Park Events Planner, and social doyenne, Paul Romano!!!!!!!!  Joining us, were the glamorous Ellen, the two Marks (the Teddy Bear did not appear) and the dapper Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a group, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               And the restaurant atmosphere!  Imagine a fusion of Tara, with New Orleans, served by some of the most delectable waiters this side of the Mason Dixon line!  Honeychile', this Plantation Princess felt right at home!

                                As for the food--well, I had a Mescalan salad, followed by the BEST Coq Au Vin I have ever  had.  It was done like a cassoulet stew, with potatoes, onions, celery and mushrooms, in the creamiest wine gravy broth!!!!!!!!  Mmmmmmmmmm!  Followed by a chocolate mousse so light and fluffy, I felt like Mia Farrow, in "Rosemary's Baby!!!!!!!!"  Only, no chalky under taste, here, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Most of the others had the salmon, which looked luscious, if your stomach can tolerate that sort of thing, which mine can't!!!!!!!!!!!  And most opted for the lovely looking, and, I am told, scrumptious, lemon pie, for desert!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Imagine, just up the street from Sylvia's!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  The evening continued, with a visit to Paul's apartment, a bit uptown, where we were served Chocolate Mousse Cake, Napoleons, champagne, coffee, and whatever else we wanted!  As if this was not  enough, we met the most eclectic  group of characters I have encountered in a long time!!!!!!!!!

                                   Let's start with Mauricio and Sergio!!!!!!!!!!!  The former walked in, looking like an actor who had just walked off the set, albeit dressed, (he was dressed ruggedly, but nicely!!!!!!!!!!) of a Titan Media film!!!!!!!!!!!  Sergio, Paul's house nurse, who did plenty of bidding, retreated for a LONG time, with Mauricio,  to some secluded room in the apartment, where, I am pretty certain, they had quite a rendezvous!  And, when they emerged, not a shirt or hair was out of place!

                                    But the unquestionable highlight of the evening, for me, was this couple--Ramona Ponce and Eric Mueller, who had to be experienced, to be believed!!!!!!!  They were two sides of the same Vera Charles coin, believe me!!!!!!!!!  Let's have a look at them!

                                I mean, aren't they precious????????  Ramona is spellbinding and sexy, with all the cunning and charm of a potential dominatrix!!!!!!!!!!!  Which I think she has the capacity for being!!!!!!  But she happens to be a fabulous costume designer, and, darlings, I have already talked with her about designing my wedding gown!  I want something classic, but with a touch of Rita Hayworth as Gilda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Meanwhile, Eric is just the cutest little trick in shoe leather!  Cultured, erudite, well dressed, and a great talker, he charmed me so much I want to talk to him about coming to work for us as our valet!!!!!!!!!!!  He is skilled with plants, so I am sure he excels at cutlery and the kitchen, so we would turn over that, and other domestic duties to him!!!!!!!!!!!  Imagine, being served breakfast in bed!!!!!!!!!!!
It is about time, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I have to confess to wondering if they were not a bit pretentious, at first.  But, as soon as Ramona mentioned the name Nancy Opel--and  you Theater Queens out there better know who SHE is!!!!!!!!!--I warmed to them instantly, as they are doyennes of the Downtown Theater Movement!!!!!!!!!!
And their chat just fascinated this plain, unassuming Uptown Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              They also live in the Dunbar, one of the best kept, most elegant secrets in town!  Here it is, darlings!
                                I am telling you, I want to hear more about Ramona and Eric, and I know, after this posting, you will, too!!!!!!!!!!  I am going to insist they come out to Brooklyn to see us, and then I will see if I can finagle an invite to the Dunbar!!!!!!!!!!!  Don't underestimate me, dolls; I am, after all, the Raving Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Us two Cinderellas did not return home, till well after midnight, generously whisked home in Ellen's magic coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But what an evening, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  With more to come, I am sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 And how many times do you hear the name Nancy Opel, at a party?????????????    

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