Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Girls, Guess What Movie Turns 50 Today?????????????????

                                   When the 1963 "Cleopatra," with Elizabeth Taylor, first opened, on this day, back in 1963, it was possibly the most expensive movie of its time, but it was certainly the most publicized and anticipated one.  So much so, that when this now iconic poster was mounted atop the roof of the Rivoli Theatre in Manhattan, where it opened, the image was sufficient--neither the film's name nor its stars' appeared.

                                     This was the film Judith Crist dubbed "A Monumental Mouse."  It was nominated for Best Picture of 1963.  Now, I still have not seen it, but I have seen the clip, detailing Cleopatra's spectacular arrival into Egypt on a Sphinx, and let me tell you, darlings, as a Raving Queen, THAT is a true Queen's entrance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      To think Liz, Dick and Rex are no longer with us.  Even Roddy McDowall, who, a bit younger, ought to be.  I am telling you, just about everyone back then saw it; my parents being notable exceptions.  They waited a year later to go see another hyped--and better--movie, "My Fair Lady!!!!!!!!"

                                        With a length of four hours, and knowing the schedules of some of my girls, and  not necessarily  having the time, I cannot say pop this movie into your DVD's tonight.  However, if you are still at home, pondering what to wear, or have a romantic night out planned, follow Liz' example and dress your best!  It is the most fitting tribute you can give to this film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           Two years later, Twentieth Century-Fox would have better luck with another blockbuster film they opened at the Rivoli Theatre--"The Sound Of Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                             Julie and her twirl saved that studio for years, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HarlowFan said...

I have this on dvd, and it's not bad at all. Rex steals the picture hands down. Unfortunately he's only in the first half. The second half becomes the Liz and Dick show. The sets, costumes and cinematography are breathtaking;you can see every penny of that 40 million dollar budget. It DOES help to watch it over two nights. It's a long sit. But a fun wallow!