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Here Is The REAL Daughter Of Dr. Jekyll, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Amy Bishop--oh, excuse, me, I mean DR. Amy Bishop; God forbid, otherwise I might get stabbed--would be good enough, any day or year, to merit Bitch Of The Week..  However, girls, her story is just TOO MUCH I cannot wait to tell it, so here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               After all the years of therapy I  have HAD, darlings, this was the story that finally allowed  me to let go of my resentment over not taking Advanced Placement Biology!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not that everyone who does is nuts, like Amy!!!!!!!!!!!  But, after her saga, I felt more at peace with myself.  Now, I am sure that Advanced Placement Biology, which I am sure Amy took, was not to blame for all that happened, because, from the get-go, Amy was one Fucking Psychotic Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!  The tragedy was she was so brainy, studious, and thus normal seeming, that folks could not see the mental illness underneath, which then went untreated and escalated.

                               Amy Bishop was a child of academia, her father being professor of Art History at Northeastern University,  in Boston, Massachusetts.  When Amy's troubles began, the family was living in Braintree.

                                 Amy was a studious girl, and a top student.  Except--not only was she a TOP student, she felt she HAD to be, and, if she was regarded as anything less, there was trouble!  And evidence shows Amy, while bright, had a higher opinion of her achievements, than others!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Now, I can relate to some of this, darlings, having been discriminated against and wrongfully excluded from membership in my high school's National Honor Society.  You've all heard that one, girls!!!!!!!!  However, while I might have entertained private fantasies of dishing something out to Mrs. Santamarina, who was responsible for that, I never, EVER, went to the lengths Amy did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     It all started in Braintree, on December 6. 1986.  Amy comes down the stairs, to her mother and brother, Seth, in the kitchen, carrying Daddy's 12- gauge pump action shotgun!  "Can you show me how to load this?" she asks, pointing it at Seth!  When--Oops!!!--the gun goes off, and Seth falls down, bleeding to death.  Mama defended daughter Amy, saying it was an accident--she had no reason not to believe anything else--but in later years, after all having took place, you could see Amy  calculatedly planned this, because, while she may have been a top student, she had to work at it, like a drudge!!!!!!!!!  Her brother, apparently, was the REAL brain, and Amy, well, she was not going to be second to anyone!!!!!!!!!

                                    Again, like I said, I understand how she feels, but I would never kill anybody.  Nor have I!  And even though Amy then ran from the house, hunted like a wanton criminal, everyone bought her accident act, so she was not charged, and no mental help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Amy was, nevertheless, smart enough to land herself at Harvard, where she got a Ph.D. in  genetics.  However, evidence later showed her work there was spotty,and not as brilliant as she herself thought it!

                                      She went on to marry another biologist, James Anderson, who was something of a whack job, himself!  They had four children, all probably vying for attention from Amy, who was vying for attention from the World.  She wanted to be noticed, with a Capital N!!!!!!!!  She wrote unpublished novels, taught, the whole schmear--nothing.  Even though she was Ivy League, the best job she could land was in the biology department at the University of Huntsville, in that Alabama town.  Not to disparage this fine institution, but, when you have earned a Doctorate at Harvard, why do you only end up at a, comparatively speaking, Podunk school????????  Huh, Amy??????????  At first, the faculty welcomed her warmly, but , over time, relations eroded, as they tired quickly of Amy's Miss Entitlement Act.  In spite of her achievements, she was told by her advisor, Dr. Gopi Podlia, that she needed to publish more articles, if she wanted to get tenure.  She alienated many of her students, because she seemed to mention, in every other sentence in her lectures, that she went to Harvard, (I had a supervisor, myself, once, who did just that, and, let me tell you, it got old REAL fast!!!!!!!!!!!) plus she behaved abusively and capriciously to her students, doing things, like first granting them lab privileges, then vindictively revoking them!!!!!!!  Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Miss Amy was not Miss Popularity, and it got worse.  That same year, 1993, Amy and her whacko hubby were suspected of concocting and sending to Paul Rosenberg, Amy's former supervisor at Harvard Medical School, a pipe bomb!  No one was destroyed, and the couple was not really charged, the way they should have been.  Amy slipped under the wire, again.

                                      The Amy story that is MY personal favorite is the 2002 International House Of Pancakes Assault!!!!!!!!!!  Imagine, Miss I Went To Harvard deigning to lower herself by dining in an IHOP!!!!!!!  How distinctly middle class, darlings!!!!!!!!!  Guess Amy lacked kitchen skills!!!!!  She may have been a whiz with a Bunsen burner, but forget a kitchen range!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      The entire family, with a young baby, child Number Four, walk into the overcrowded IHOP for Sunday breakfast.  Amy needs a booster seat for the baby, and the poor waitress, who had no idea what she was in for, politely told Amy she would have to wait a few minutes, because the last one they had went to a mother sitting nearby, a woman named Michelle Gjika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Well, do you think Amy  was going to WAIT????????  Of course not!!!!!!! She screamed at the waitress, who ran off in terror, got the manager, who tried to calm Amy down, but she would  not have it; oh, no, not Miss Amy!!!!!!!!!  Excuse me, DR. Amy!!!!!!!!!!  You know what she did girls??????  She marched over to Gjika's table, demanding the woman hand over the booster seat to her!!!!!!!!!!!!   Gjika refused, and Amy countered, "Don't you understand?????????  I AM DR. AMY  BISHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Then she punched the woman in the face!

                                       Darlings, if I had been Michelle Gjika, or, had that been done to me, I would have belted this fucking bitch right back in the kisser, like she deserved, telling  her, "So what???????  Get over yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                         This town knows how demanding I can be, just like Anna Wintour!!!!!!!!!  But neither Anna, or I,  have ever resorted to this!!!!!!!!!  We have too much class!  And mental stability!!!!!!!!!!

                                           Yet, Amy slipped under again!!!!!!!!!!  What should have been a wake up call, resulted only in probation, and a requirement to attend anger management classes.  To hell with that!!!!!!!!!
Inject her with Ativan at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               Things came to a head in 2009 when Amy was denied tenure!  She appealed, harassed anyone she could corner to listen to her, but lost the battle!  She was told that after the Spring semester of 2010, it was "Hasta la vista, baby!!!!!!!!!!"  Bet they could not wait to get rid of Amy!!!!!!!!!  Students and faculty alike must have been counting the days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                But it was the last straw!  All the injustices and resentments felt by Amy exploded in her head, like a malignant cancer, culminating in the horrifying events of February 12, 2010.

                                                 The faculty was having a routine meeting, and, while Amy was on her way out, her advisor, Dr.Podlia, felt she should be included.  And she showed up.  The group convened at 3PM, with Amy sitting  there demurely for about 40 minutes.  Then, quietly and methodically, Amy stood up, took out a 9mm handgun, and began shooting at her coworkers, killing Dr. Gopi Podlia, Dr. Maria Ragland Davis, and Dr.Ariel D. Johnson, Sr., while injuring professors Luis Rogelio Cruz Vera and Joseph G. Leahy, plus staff assistant Stephanie Monticciolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                 FINALLY, folks get wise to Amy!!!!!!!!!  She is arrested, tried, convicted, and given the Life sentence she should have received 24 years before, when she killed brother Seth!!!!!!!!!!! If she had, all these poor unfortunate victims would still be alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  AND--get this, girls!!!!--it was only at THIS point that Amy was finally diagnosed--as a Paranoid Schizophrenic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  But not enough attention was paid to Amy's mental troubles!!!!!!!!!!!!  And look what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                   Rot in prison, bitch, where I am sure you are still touting your Harvard pedigree to your inmates.  I hope they pull your hair, and slap you good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    Isn't this story something, girls!!!!!!!!  It cries out to be dramatized!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I know just the venue for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                     The Metropolitan Opera!!!!!!!!!  With a mad heroine to rival Lucia and a houseful of Vicious Opera Queens, look out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                       See you at the MET, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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