Saturday, June 22, 2013

On The Scene With Paula Deen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Poor Paula Deen!  At least, all Paula Zahn can be declared guilty of is misguided thinking, believing herself, with her overly earnest demeanor, to be on the forefront of investigative journalism, when she is, in truth, shilling for a fun, trashy TV show, on a fun, trashy TV channel!!!!!!!!!!

                                But Paula Deen!  Can you believe she actually has a brother named Bubba Hiers??????  Bubba?????????  And no one even complains about that????????  Not even Bubba!!!!!!!!
The trouble actually started with him, where an employee, Lisa Jackson, working at Uncle Bubba's Seafood And  Oyster House in Savannah, GA, accused the place of fostering a hostile work environment, fraught with sexual harassment and racial slurs.  She even filed a lawsuit!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                OK, she has that right!  And, who knows, maybe Bubba is something of a Simon Legree!!!!!!!!!!  With that name, I would not be a bit surprised.

                                 But who's getting the heat turned up on???????  That is right, Bubba's more successful sibling, Sister Paula.

                                  She has admitted in court, that she has used the "N" word.  But nothing has been said about how she has used it.  I mean, students reading "The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn," "To Kill A Mockingbird," even Toni Morrison's writings, have not only SEEN the word; if they have read it aloud, they have USED it!!!!!!!!  Plus, one of the so-called most racist works in literature, "Little Black Sambo," does not even use that word at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    So, I am not sure what, if anything should be done about Paula.  If her employers feel she merits a reprimand, fine, but to rip into her empire?????  You think that bitch, Martha Stewart doesn't use racial and sexual orientation slurs?????????  She probably says them right in people's faces!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do we know Paula has actually done that???????????????

                                     Then there is the restaurant issue.  Something about her wanting to hire an all-Black staff, and creating a Southern Plantation themed restaurant!  Sweeties, I have been saying this for years!!!!!!
With the chefs all in white, with high hats, like Eustis, on the "Cream Of Wheat Box," and the waitresses dressed in long dresses, and kerchiefs, like Mammy/Aunt Jemima!!!!!!!!  So much employment for so many community members!!!!!!!  And the waitresses would have to be obese, so no one could declare weight discrimination, here, honey!!!!!!!!!!  With cuisine bringing back the days of elegance and gracious living that the South USED to have!  With me, sitting on the porch steps of Tara, at sunset???????????

                                       I mean, what's wrong with that????????  And before you go all PC on me, dears, let me say I was on the social forefront of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s!!!!!!!!!  I marched and sang for peace and freedom, with Joan Baez!  "We Shall Overcome!"  I shouted "Right On!" for Angela Davis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         And for your information darlings, I have read--"The Confessions Of Nat Turner,"
"Beloved," and "Invisible Man!"  Not to mention "Uncle Tom's Cabin!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                           I really do not see the necessity for persecuting Paula Deen!  If anything, they should go after Bubba!

                                             Hallelujah, honeychuile'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              And you know who would be the head kitchen chef???????  You damn well better believe it, I am telling you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               The Reverend Al Sharpton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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