Friday, June 14, 2013

For Baby Boomers, Girls, This Could Potentially Be The Biggest Selling Children's Book, Since "Harry Potter!"

                                                 "I'd like to be, under the sea,
                                                  In an Octopus's Garden, in the shade!"
                                                  --Ringo Starr, "Abbey Road"

                                        Just imagine this, darlings!  Simon and Schuster is going to publish a children's book, based on this classic song, by Ringo Starr!  Children will buy and read it, yes, (and it is a way to introduce them, not only to the reading, but to the brilliance of Ringo's lyrics, and the music of the Beatles!!!!) but I think it is going to go over more with us Baby Boomers, who were there when "Abbey Road," and the song, first came out!  Certainly, those with children will want it for them, but will read it on the sly!  While those of us who are childless, but of age, will buy and cherish it for ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          It is due for publication, here in the States, sometime in January of 1914, which is just perfect, darlings, because you all know how, after Christmas, and then celebrating my beloved Monsieur's birthday, I go into an emotional funk--Seasonal Depression, the Winter Blues, call it what  you will!!!!--which does not let up, until March.  Then I manage to block it all out, until that time comes round again!

                                         So, this book, which maybe I could read to, or sing to, Monsieur, should be a wonderful antidote to all that!!!!!!!!  As is Monsieur!  So, I cannot wait for this to appear, and, girls, I am telling you, as soon as it can be ordered, snap it up, because, I am telling you, this will go fast!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           According to sources, there are two meanings to the song.  One is referencing the vagina, which is nonsense, because that is NOT for any of MY children, nor some of my girls on here!  The more believable interpretation is Ringo's desire for peace and serenity, because, as early as the White Album, things were coming apart at the seams with the group.  Which I still, darlings, blame, to this day, on that bitch, Yoko!!!!!!!!  Who, with Ringo and Paul still alive, I suspect has put some kind of curse on them, or is in a competition to outlive them all!!!!!!!!  Just like Olivia De Havilland and Joan Fontaine!!!!!!!!!!

                                            Anyway, during this turbulent artistic period, Ringo and his family took a holiday trip to Sardinia, where he met a fisherman who acquainted him with the habits and behavior of octopi!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              This song is wholesome, darlings!  Nothing NASTY!!!!!!!!!!  Otherwise, there would not be a children's book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                You know I will buy it!  And I will love it!  But for me, darlings, personally, I'd rather be under the sea, in Gojira's garden, with him serving me tea and jelly cakes!  You know he would, darlings, he is so SWEET!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  Sweets to the sweet, loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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