Sunday, June 30, 2013

Girls, I Am Telling You, This Is One Holiday Event I Have Got To Be Invited To!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Now, darlings, as I am sure you would expect of me, especially being the Raving Queen, it is not like I have never dined at La Grenouille.  Not only have I done so, but twice, each time on one of my birthdays, and it remains the favorite of all my birthday restaurants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  But now the ante has been raised.  Because I have just found out that Anna Wintour--ANNA!!!!!!!--hosts a Christmas Luncheon there for folks at VOGUE, which she, of course, she  pays for!  Honeys, we don't do this at MY workplace!  And you better believe Grace is there!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Well, I want to go to this luncheon this year!  I may not work at VOGUE, for ANNA or Grace, but you better believe this blog gives them lots of good publicity, for which they should be appreciative, considering how much adverse publicity they (especially ANNA) sometimes get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Christmas Lunch with ANNA and Grace, at La Grenouille!  It is like a dream come true!  Think of the haute couture that will be seen there!  Al most as scrumptious as the meals!  My God, what am I going to wear?????????  And my hair??????????  I have got to start planning now!!!!!!!!!

                                    And, girls, you know you will get an exclusive report from me of all the proceedings!
Including kisses from ANNA and Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     La Grenouille.........ANNA WINTOUR.........Grace Coddington..Mmmmmmmmmm......................!

                                       But, Holiday or not, I am not going to kiss that silly Andre Leon Talley!!!!!!!!!!!!

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