Thursday, June 20, 2013

Girls You Would Not Believe The Hideous Thing I Saw On The Street Today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe because I am reading Lauren Weisberger's book, I have, somehow, become more fashion conscious. When I was returning to the office, from my lunch hour, I saw the most hideous thing, and creature wearing it, I just could not believe my eyes!!!!!!!!  I mean, don't women have any sense about how they really look???????

      Like I said, there I was, on my way back, when I passed this obviously middle aged woman--you could tell by the wrinkles, though it was clear her skin had not been taken very good care of, either, darlings--with the kind of Sixties, Peggy Lipton, long hair she was much too old for, and besides, the texture was limp, the color shabby, and she had no sense how inappropriate this was for her!

As if this were not enough, she was dressed in this too short black strapped dress, with gold lame on the front, suggesting, like I said, a female gladiator!!!!!!  The trouble was, by the cut and shape of the garment, you could tell this was meant to be worn by someone of more, shall we say, ample, physical stature???????  Not that there are too many out there with Liz Taylor (in her prime, darlings!!!!!!!!) type bodies, but that is what  or whom this dress was designed for!!!!!!! Which she definitely was not!!!!!!

But damn if she wasn't sashaying her chassy up that street, thinking she looked damn good!  I was so shocked I turned my head in alarm!!!!!!!! Oh, my God!!!!!!!!! Do you think someone seeing me do this would think I was ogling her???????  That I was straight?????????

God forbid!!!!!!!  But,then, look how I dress--with style and taste!  Style and taste!!!!!!
Not a chance, darlings!!!!!!!!!!
This one sure thought she was the cat's meow!!!!!!  But, I am telling you, girls, come nightfall, she might straddle a fence or two, but she is going to be thrown off it, by shoes hurled from apartment windows!!!!!!!!
When will the fashion challenged wise up, dolls??????????????

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